1. Here is our song! Overload :D

  2. My cover of serve the servants! listen with head phones!


  4. Its official!! The first Cd of Immodiums album wishy washy is burned and cover art and booklet is printed out! :D We are planing on putting something together in maybe August or September with the works, album, tee shirts, stickers, and more! :D we will keep you updated. Just a reminder, our album is on Sound Cloud, and you can find it on our Tumblr page and Facebook page :)  

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  7. Are these your drums?

  9. grungeaddicted:

    Krist Novoselic 


  10. terminallycheesy:



    a christmas themed porn movie called “it’s beginning to look a lot like fistmas

    Really tumblr? A fucking “joke” about a religious holiday celebrated by billions in the world? It’s really disrespectful. Also glorification of porn? Not only it displays submissive/dominant interactions in sexual exchange, it also underrepresents asexual individuals. 

    Looks like someone didn’t get any fistmas presents this year.

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